Charles F. Barker

School Visits/Other Presentations

As you can see from these letters from students spanning 20+ years, I enjoy classroom visits (and yes, as you may see from this student’s letter shown below, I still occasionally make a mistake).

Educational (and fun) talks to groups such as libraries and schools are easily arranged.

I talk about drifting continents and tie in the local geology, and show and tell about rock samples (sometimes bringing in fossils I found in the school yard before the talk). I talk about how easy it is to write a book if you are interested in something (publishing it is another story).  We basically have a lot of fun learning about rocks and fossils and what’s under our feet at the moment (and what was there a few hundred million years ago).

For presentations relating to his books or projects, please contact Charles by email at or call (313) 506-5643 for schedule and fee information.

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