Mackinac Island Children’s Book Workshop Moved to Summer 2013

The Mackinac Workshop will take a hiatus this summer, and be back in full force next summer at the Murray Hotel – Won’t you join us then?

Keep watching for details  – You can still check out the info on the Workshops Page, but we will have the workshop in 2013 not 2012…

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From The Outside Looking In

I am very happy to announce that the Geological Society of America has published my new Children’s Book (evidently GSA’s first Children’s Book) titled “From the Outside Looking In”
( – you might have to cut and past that for now until I figure out links!

I described it to a fellow geologist as “Plate Tectonics meets Goodnight Moon.” I hope you enjoy!

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Just four weeks since Mackinac Workshop!

Wow, what can I say? What a great workshop thanks to all the attendees, and the hospitality of the Murray Hotel! They really spoiled us! (I keep waiting for that cart of coffee and brownies at 3:00, but it hasn’t come since we left the Island!) Stay tuned for info on next years Workshop at the Murray! And a big thank you to attendees from this year – Wow! that was fun eh?

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Only Four Weeks Until Mackinac Workshop!

Greetings! It’s hard to believe it’s only four weeks until the Mackinac Workshop! If you haven’t signed up yet and booked your room at the Murray Hotel, now is the time! Time moves so fast, and with so many distractions, sometimes it’s hard to get anything done – Well, on “Island Time” up at Mackinac we will have time to get things done on your project! It will be a time to focus on learning, creating, and planning your project – all in the most magical setting on earth! Can’t wait to see you there and get busy learning and creating!

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Take a class/workshop and make progress

The other day I was looking through my studio (aka garage) and came across a large volume of oil paintings (20 or so)from several years ago. I was amazed then, and I was reminded of now, of how productive I was when taking a class. Why? because you had to produce! In a 3 hour class there was no time to procrastinate- The result? lots of work! So take a class or workshop (The one on Mackinac Island comes to mind – see the Workshops page) and get productive! I wrote and sketched out “The Day the Great Lakes Drained Away” in about 2 hours while in a hotel lobby waiting for a meeting to start – Think about what you will do on an Island in 2.5 days!

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Join us for a Workshop on Mackinac Island!

There is still time to register for the Children’s Book writing/illustrating/publishing Workshop on Mackinac Island, but Register soon! We have a great line-up of educational sessions and events, and we will get to see the island too! The website has helpful hints bout the island – See you there in June!

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Director of WSU Press to Present at Workshop

We are very pleased to have the Director of Wayne State University Press, Jane Hoehner, giving a presentation at the Children’s Book Workshop on Mackinac Island in June! Jane will give us the “publisher’s perspective” on approaching a publisher with your work. I happen to know personally what a great publishing house WSU Press is – And I’m proud to say they published my first Children’s Book!
Sign up now on the “workshops page” – We may even have the lilacs still in bloom on the Island in late June!

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Sign up Now for the Children’s Book Workshop

Please join us for the Children’s Book Writing/Illustration/Publishing Workshop on Mackinac Island June 26-29th! We begin with an icebreaker the evening of June 26th, and have two and 1/2 full days of Workshop activities/lectures on beautiful Mackinac Island! We will have a session by the Director of Wayne State University Press on the Publisher’s Perspective! And all manner of information on getting your project done —  The Murray Hotel has a full breakfast buffet each morning! Sign up while there is still space – See you on the Island!

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Oil 101: Lecture at Grosse Pointe War Memorial, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI:

Beyond Children’s Books, another thing I am very interested in doing is helping increase our awareness of something we all rely on everyday- Oil. I’m very pleased to be giving lectures at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial in March and May (planned well before the recent rise in prices!). I figure, we rely on this stuff so much, why don’t we all know more about it? The lectures are – Oil 101: Everything
Everyone in Modern Society
Should Know About Oil
Thursday, March 24 or May 19
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
$24 per person

Please go to the Grosse Pointe Memorial’s Adult Classes web page for more information:

Four Easy Ways to Register • By Phone: 313-881.7511 • By Fax: 313.884.6638 •
In Person: Monday – Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. • By Mail: GPWM, 32 Lake Shore Drive, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

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The Launch of Bonnie, The Friendship Sloop

At long last, my new Book “Bonnie, The Friendship Sloop” will be launched soon! Keep a sharp eye on my website this Spring for her launch – Six years in the making! It will be a fun Children’s Book, inspired by my love of the Maine coast, boats, with a fun/educational/timeless story for all – Welcome Bonnie!

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